P.A.W. Animal Sanctuary

P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary and Humane Society was founded nearly a decade ago to control animal population through sterilization, as well as to conduct humane education throughout the island of Caye Caulker, Belize. P.A.W.'s sister program, Caulker Assisting Animals Through Sterilization (C.A.A.T.S.) was founded later to provide... click to read more!

Volunteer Opportunities Abroad (Cusco Peru and La Antigua Guatemala)

Volunteer Teaching English

Volunteer in Latin America

Thousands of volunteers have trusted Maximo Nivel’s with their travel and volunteer aspirations. Our volunteer programs and gap year experiences take place in Cusco, Peru; and La Antigua, Guatemala, plus programs in the Sacred Valley and Puerto Maldonado (Peru), and Guatemala City (Guatemala). Experience experience new cultures while helping... click to read more!

Teaching English

Teaching English in Guatemala

Teach English in Latin America!

Volunteers work with either adults or children who come from low income families and cannot afford to study English at a private institute.  Placements depend upon need and availability, but volunteers can expect to placed in schools, community centers, orphanages, or homes for the elderly.

Work varies from project to project, but volunteers can... click to read more!

What you must know as a volunteer

What you must know as a volunteer

By: Marylin Ryder

Volunteer is a person, who works not for the money, but because of the desire to help and enjoys helping those who are in need. Volunteering is never an obligation; it is always an act of free will. [Alex Karlov, a blogger] In my previous post, I described 5 reasons why volunteering is especially useful while you are young. And today I would like to talk about the most important things for... read more!

I’m a student volunteer! 5 reasons why volunteering is especially cool when you’re young.

5 reasons to volunteer as a student

By: Marylin Ryder

People volunteer for many different reasons, especially wanting to help others in difficult times, or when they have experienced something themselves and this knowledge could be useful for those in same situation. But it is also OK to want volunteer for self developing and personal education.  “Volunteer is not a job, nor a hobby, it is a calling.”  - Helen Keller Being... read more!

Hurdling Through The Difficulties Of Volunteering Abroad

By: Brittany Edwardes

Volunteering abroad will likely be one of the best experiences of your life—you’ll meet new people, learn new skills, and be able to push the limits of your worldview. However, volunteering abroad isn’t all fun and games. A number of issues, some of which you can control and some of which you cannot, could pop up at any time. You need to be prepared to work with anything that... read more!