Fundacion Bolivar Education

Fundación Bolívar Education offers a quality service to future volunteers who are willing to help different projects in Ecuador. Our support is permanent through the process thus the participants are able to fulfilled their travel plans and to live a life changing experience. Additionally, Fundación Bolívar Education encourages cultural... click to read more!

Teaching English

Teaching English in Guatemala

Teach English in Latin America!

Volunteers work with either adults or children who come from low income families and cannot afford to study English at a private institute.  Placements depend upon need and availability, but volunteers can expect to placed in schools, community centers, orphanages, or homes for the elderly.

Work varies from project to project, but volunteers can... click to read more!

Museum Of Contemporary Art And Design

Museum Of Contemporary Art And Design

Through this project, you’ll help a museum of contemporary art and design with their focus on education, exhibition, and preservation of the cultural and national heritage of Costa Rica.

Daily tasks include:

  • Collaborating with the education department
  • Managing databases and organizing materials
  • Assisting with translations and video editing
  • ... click to read more!

Show Me a Peace Corps Volunteer

Hannah Harrison

By: Hannah Harrison

Show me a Peace Corps volunteer and I'll show you people of all colors, ages, and creeds. I'll show you men and women and people who are sitting in between. I'll show you daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, all of whom have left those families to find new ones across the world. Show me a Peace Corps volunteer and I'll show you someone who knows illness, misery, cold,... read more!

Politics and People

Orlan Space suit

By: Anil Menon, M.D.

I've been working with Russians over the past year and the most difficulty I have had with the experience is learning the Russian language.  Though I have spent much of my life studying and should be able to learn effectively at this point; I honestly don't think I have ever encountered anything as hard as learning Russian.  Every other aspect has been much easier - living outside of... read more!

Volunteer Abroad For Research Projects

By: Sarah Vandenberg

For today’s article, let’s go over volunteer abroad programs that focus on research. This is a great area to volunteer in, especially if you’re a student seeking college credit for your volunteer work.What’s Involved With Volunteering For Research Project?These programs are interesting because there’s so much out there to research—a few examples include:... read more!