Lauren Andraski - Spain

Maneuvering Madrid

April 28, 2014

In one weekend, I am fairly confident that we covered the majority of Madrid. All the travel was easy, as we took Alsa Bus straight there from Granada.  Once we arrived, we attempted to take a taxi but the driver was not familiar with the street the hostel was on, and we elected to brave the Metro which, despite some silly mistakes, turned out to be fairly simple as well.  Our luck ended there however, as finding the hostel, RC Miguel Angel, proved to be nearly impossible (and I don't recommend it...

Lauren Andraski - Africa

I can check Africa off my list

April 19, 2014

As promised, I wanted to share my thoughts about the Discover Excursions weekend trip to Morocco after expressing some fears about the trip.  While I was there, I hoped to address my fears that 1) a weekend is not sufficient time to understand a culture and 2) that this lack of understanding in a country, especially a developing one, is incredibly invasive.  Unfortunately, the trip only reinforced my fears.  But let me explain.

I was fairly confident that all of the students on the trip would recognize that they...

Lauren Andraski - Africa

Off to Africa?

April 19, 2014

Many students in my study abroad program, including myself, chose to take advantage of a travel company that allows students to spend a weekend in Morocco.  While many students went last weekend, I was initially hesitant to sign up.  My hesitation was coming from the following places: first, that one weekend is not sufficient time to understand a different culture; and second, to visit a country without properly understanding it is incredibly invasive.  With that in mind, I eventually decided to partake in the trip, even for the sole reason to decide whether or not my...

Aneta Dudenko

In order not to be bored...

April 19, 2014


Weekly holidays in Italy! That's what I needed. Even though the first month in Vic was extremely busy, I was dreaming about seeing my Polish friends! How easily sometimes dreams may come true....well...not taking into account my trip from Spain to Italy using every possibile type of transport, I may say it was absolutely worth it!

One week doing snowboarding..something I love, and with such great people! Thank you all! ;)



Hannah Harrison

Show Me a Peace Corps Volunteer

April 17, 2014

Show me a Peace Corps volunteer and I'll show you people of all colors, ages, and creeds. I'll show you men and women and people who are sitting in between. I'll show you daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, all of whom have left those families to find new ones across the world.

Show me a Peace Corps volunteer and I'll show you someone who knows illness, misery, cold, heat, and crawling infestations of a thousand varieties. I'll show you someone who has become intimate with infection, friendly with fungus, and can compare the viscosity of fecal matter over a...

Discovering Vic

Discovering Vic

April 12, 2014

With a small delay but finally continuing...


The whole Pink Flat went to the Exhibition that took place in “Temple de Roma” in Vic. It was a project of Dr Trueta Foundation celebrating its 20 anniversary. It is the organization dedicates occupational theraphy that employs people suffering mental disorders enabling them to incorporate to the normal life by working i the medicines' waste management.

Temple de Roma is a miniature of the real one. It was constructed by Roman conquestors. evertheless, the small element of one of its columns is...

Orlan Space suit

Politics and People

April 06, 2014

I've been working with Russians over the past year and the most difficulty I have had with the experience is learning the Russian language.  Though I have spent much of my life studying and should be able to learn effectively at this point; I honestly don't think I have ever encountered anything as hard as learning Russian.  Every other aspect has been much easier - living outside of Moscow, working with the space program for several months, I have had the pleasure of working with many Russians on a daily basis.  Our relationships began before the recent crisis (and their...

Bienvenido a Vic, Cataluña, España!

The gap year is lasting! Bienvenido a Vic, Cataluña, España!

March 15, 2014

After almost 2 months of living in my small town in Poland and being more and more depressed by the lack of possibilities for my personal development, I finally found a way to escape from this underwhelming world!

On Friday, 7th of March, I came to Vic (Catalonia, Spain) for my EVS (European Voluntary Service)!  

Thank God the guys from Aurora GPS Organization decided to suffer with me the next 6 months after a short Skype interview! By writing “guys” I mean Feliu and Ramon! Gràcies! ;)

My 1st impressions?

  • I have lovely...
Peace Corps: Zambia

27 Months: Let's Do the Numbers

March 12, 2014

Today (well, technically yesterday) I finally did it. I left for Peace Corps.  It's a day that's been over a year and a half in coming, and I was so.freakin'.ready to just finally get on that plane.

But first, let's do the numbers.

58 - The number of volunteers boarding the plane for Zambia; 28 aquaculture (RAP) volunteers, and 30 agroforestry (LIFE) volunteers.

15 - Number of volunteers who got in to Philly last night and went out to watch the Super...

This Side of Paradise - F. Scott Fitzgerald

This Side of Paradise

March 05, 2014

"And he could not tell why the struggle was worth while, why he had determined to use to the utmost himself and his heritage from the personalities he had passed...He stretched out his arms to the crystalline, radiant sky. 'I know myself,' he cried, 'but that is all.'" This Side of Paradise F. Scott Fitzgerald

I've been back in Long Xuyen exactly three weeks as of today, and, as of tomorrow, will officially have been cancer-free for one whole month. Not a bad first two months of 2014, even if we did get off to a rocky start.

I guess first I'll talk about...