Partner Agreement Terms & Conditions

By subscribing for a Travel Buddy account and/or creating a public organization profile on Volunteer Global I agree to and promise that I and the organization whom I represent will abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the following Partnership Agreement.

Version: 1.02

Note: New or updated sections are highlighted in yellow.


This agreement is entered into this date by and between Volunteer Global, a registered Limited Liability Company chartered under the laws of the state of Texas (“Global”) and partner, a registered organization chartered under the laws of country (“Partner”).

WHEREAS, Partner desires to engage the marketing and recruitment services of Global to provide and support volunteers and/or interns to participate in their programs.

WHEREAS, Global has agreed to engage volunteers and/or interns on behalf of Partner in accordance with the program requirements and support provided by Partner as set forth in this agreement.




Marketing and Recruitment Duties of Global

1      Global will advertise, promote interest, and recruit for Partner’s volunteering and/or internship programs as presented on Global’s website.

2      Global will provide a streamlined recruitment and selection process for prospective volunteers and/or interns, including program sign-up and payment platforms, handbooks, and pre-departure interviews.

3      Global will coordinate with Partner to ensure accurate and up-to-date representation of volunteer and/or intern program information on our website, including availability, and ensure future marketing materials also reflect this information.

4      Global will provide U.S. based staff support to volunteers and/or interns, including follow up with post-trip surveys and interviews, and keeping our alumni updated about their programs through newsletters and social networking.

5      Global will assist Partner in submitting new volunteering and/or internship programs and editing or removing current programs for review.

6      Global will provide and update Partner with quarterly reports.


Marketing and Recruitment Fees

7      The consideration in the form of marketing and recruitment fees to be paid by volunteers and/or interns to Global for the services and expertise under this agreement will be included in each program’s non-refundable registration fee. Global is to receive a commission of 15% on Partner-controlled program fees. This commission is optional to the registering volunteer, who may choose to pay the recommended amount or an amount of their choice. The Partner fees listed and controlled by the Partner are non-negotiable and required to complete registration.

8      Global will collect all volunteer and intern payments for those who complete registration, after which Global will disburse the agreed program funds, minus Global’s commission and transfer fee, to Partner.

9      Global will include a non-optional 3% transfer fee with all programs to account for costs incurred through the use of money transfer services including PayPal, Western Union, Moneygram, SWIFT wire transfers, and others. Transfer costs themselves are not standard, but Global estimates a fixed 3% additional fee will be sufficient to account for the bulk of these expenses.

10    Global’s commission and/or fee structure and amounts are subject to review the second and fourth quarter of every calendar year and may be changed. Partner will be notified of any changes 30 days prior to the beginning of the first or third quarter, when such changes will take effect.

11    Partner may submit changes for reservation and program fee amounts at any time. Global will be allowed 30 days to review and either accept the change and update the information, or reject the change and remove the outdated program and associated information. During this review period Partner will remain under obligation to honor any reservations made with the original amounts.

12    All currencies in this document and in all future official exchanges and communications are in U.S. Dollars, unless otherwise specified.


Volunteer/Intern Support and Program Management Duties of Partner

13    Partner will ensure current and accurate program, accommodation, provided in-country support, and all associated fee information, including what amenities and other services are included with said fees, is represented on the Global website and submit changes for review as needed.

14    Partner will provide engaging, community-based and sustainable programs with a reliable schedule and support infrastructure ready upon volunteers’ arrival.

15    Partner will either directly provide or provide detailed information for local options for adequate accommodation as required to meet volunteers’/interns’ reasonable living needs for the complete term of their paid program.

16    Partner will provide guidance and support to volunteers and/or interns, including orientations and debriefings as needed, for all volunteer and/or intern programs.

17    Partner will provide other assistance as needed to volunteers/interns, including but not limited to locating Partner’s and program offices and/or buildings, and information to aid with scheduling and travel needs within the region/country.

18    Partner will provide for the safety and health of volunteers and/or interns, including emergency care and evacuation plans as needed, and will make these plans available to Global.

19    Partner will provide and update Global with quarterly summaries on the progress of current programs for use with our post-service volunteer connect programs.


Staff Availability and Correspondence

20    Global and Partner will ensure a contact person is available for registration and reservation inquiries and confirmations made by either party every week, Monday through Thursday.

21    Planned exceptions to this including holidays and vacations must be confirmed in writing to the other party at least 30 days in advance of the dates to be affected.


Direct Volunteer Inquiry Correspondence

22    Partner agrees not to circumvent Global's registration process, including the provision of separate contact information and/or instructions in response to initial inquiries or in any subsequent correspondence.

23    Partner understands and agrees to act in good faith and conscience when corresponding with interested parties referred via Global's site or other materials, to recommend and include Global's commission in program price description and details, and to transfer said commission to Global's account in a timely manner.


Rating and Feedback Systems

24    Global reserves the right to make rating and/or feedback systems available regarding any and all content on the website or materials, including but not limited to partners and programs.

25    Partner may request specific ratings or feedback, including volunteer comments, to be removed after 6 months if they can provide sufficient evidence that the particular issue or complaint has been addressed, or that their volunteer support system, management, program quality, or other pertinent factor has been improved as to where the rating or feedback is no longer relevant or indicative of their current status. These requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


Prioritization of "Tiered" Organizations and Affiliate Partnerships

26    Global will give direct partnership representation and program listing priority consideration to the most fundamental level of organization responsible for local program management that demonstrates the desire and capability to meet partnership requirements.

27    Global will not seek out known represented organizations managed by current "parent" Partner organization, but will not refuse a "child" organization seeking to apply for partnership of its own volition.

28    Global will give priority listing to Partner upon demonstration of being the most fundamental level of organization responsible for local program management. This is in line and keeping with Global's commitment to supporting local, community-based partners and programs, providing the most affordable program cost, and ensuring the absence of duplicate listings for the same program.


Travel Buddy Connect and Direct Contact and Links

29    Partner will confine all use of direct contact information and links to external content to the areas and fields designated by the Travel Buddy Connect program and general site guidelines. This includes but is not limited to excluding their use on program pages and non-Travel Buddy Connect profile fields. This also includes excluding their use on Highlighted Project and Press Release/News pages if not currently subscribed as a Travel Buddy through the Travel Buddy Connect option.

30    Partner may include direct contact information and links to external content on Highlighted Project and Press Release/News pages, and the Connect, detailed application (To Apply), and Costs fields on their profile page if currently subscribed as a Travel Buddy through the Travel Buddy Connect option.

31    When using direct contact information and links to external content, Partner will set them to open in either new tabs or new windows, and avoid redirecting the source Global page externally.

32    Partner understands and agrees to act in good faith and conscience when including direct contact information and links to external content, as Global's operating costs are derived exclusively from optional volunteer program commissions, general and specific donations, and Travel Buddy Connect partner subscriptions.




33    This agreement may be terminated at any time by written agreement of both parties.

34    If Partner desires to terminate this Partnership Agreement, it may do so by giving thirty (30) days written notice to the Director of Programs of Global of its intent to terminate.  Termination of the agreement by the Partner does not relieve it of any obligations to volunteers and/or interns currently serving or registered at the time of termination, and Partner remains under obligation to continue providing all services and considerations to said volunteers and/or interns through completion of their paid program allotment.

35    If Global desires to terminate this Partnership Agreement, it may do so by giving thirty (30) days written notice to the President, CEO, or other managing director of Partner of its intent to terminate.  Termination of the agreement by Global does not relieve it of any obligations to volunteers and/or interns currently serving or registered at the time of termination, and Global remains under obligation to continue providing all services and considerations to said volunteers and/or interns through completion of their paid program and post-service allotment.

36    Should premature termination not occur for any reason, this agreement will need to be renewed and signed by both parties before the end of five years from the earliest dated signature, else it will automatically terminate becoming null and void.




37    This agreement may not be amended or modified except in writing signed by both parties.

38    All proposed amendments are to be reviewed and either accepted or rejected during the last thirty (30) days of the second or fourth quarter of the calendar year (“Review Period”).

39    Amendments may be proposed any time before a Review Period. If an amendment is proposed during a Review Period it will be deferred for consideration until the next Review Period.

40    Both parties must sign approved amendments during the Review Period and before they are to go into effect at the beginning of the following quarter.




41    All notices required or given under terms of this agreement will be delivered or mailed to the parties as follows:

To Global:     Attn: Director of Programs
Volunteer Global
1901 Lauren Lake Drive,
League City, TX, USA
To Partner:     [current-user:name]
Both parties hereby release and indemnify and hold harmless each other, their directors, officers, and employees from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages (including, without limitation, consequential, special, incidental, and punitive damages), costs, and expenses, that may be incurred by either party in connection with services rendered under this Agreement, including negligence.

Both parties agree to release the other from any claims, suits, or other legal actions.

Global is in complete control of the partners and programs it represents on any and all materials, and is under no obligation to represent, or continue to represent any partner, program, country or any other entity.

Both parties and all volunteers are responsible for their own conduct, behaviour, conditions, and situation at all times. Neither party is under any obligation to represent, rescue, or otherwise act in the defense of, legally or otherwise, the other or any volunteer or group of volunteers.

Partner, by and through its undersigned authorized representative, hereby gives permission for Global to publish and/or use all logos, registered marks, slogans, and other identifiable likenesses (“logos”) as well as pictures taken by volunteers, interns, and Global staff of or at Partner’s programs, sites, or staff (“pictures”) for all purposes connected with the business of Global.  It is understood that Global may use said logos and pictures for advertising relating to Global and/or Partner, for seminars, symposiums, recruiting of members, published materials relating to Global or Partner, and all other purposes related to Global and its mission. It is further understood that Global may use such logos and pictures in connection with seminars, speakers, or symposiums, regardless of whether Partner is a sponsor of said event. Global may use Partner’s logos and pictures for these purposes without further permission or acquiescence by Partner, and Partner hereby releases Global from all liability relating to the publication or use of the logos and pictures. Partner understands and agrees that, if Partner terminates this Partnership Agreement, there may still be published materials in use and existence that relate to Global and that reflect Partner’s logos and pictures. Global will use reasonable efforts to replace and update such published materials periodically; notwithstanding, this permission and release by Partner survives termination of the Partnership Agreement for a reasonable time until such materials are revised.

Partner must provide written exemption for any program, place, or person it deems to be sensitive and desires pictures not to be used by Global, to be signed by both parties in conjunction with the signing of this agreement.


Further, I affirm that I have read and agree to the following:

  • I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of this Partnership Agreement in its entirety.

  • I certify that the information I have provided on behalf of myself and my organization on this website and elsewhere is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief and understand and understand and agree that
I have a continuing obligation to advise Volunteer Global if there is a change and any updates become necessary.

  • I affirm that the signature affixed below is my own, and I understand that any deliberate falsification, misrepresentations, or omissions of fact may be grounds for termination of this partnership, and affirm that I have not and do not seek to mislead or deceive Volunteer Global, its staff, or volunteers.