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From domestic cat care to volunteering at the Nicaragua National Zoo, we have amazing projects for you - volunteer at a Belizean cat sanctuary, provide veterinary assistance to baby animals, and more with our animals & wildlife projects.

Animal Caretaking Animal Caretaking

Country: Belize · Timeline: 6 weeks or longer · Cost: From $862

Introducing our new, six-week animal caretaking internship in Caye Caulker, Belize! This intensive training program offers students hands-on experience in animal care, socialization, behavior, and rescue as you participate in the daily work of... Read more!
Animal Protection Animal Protection

Country: Costa Rica · Timeline: 2 weeks or longer · Cost: From $604

Through this program, you’ll volunteer with a local animal clinic organized to help control the population of animals in this Costa Rican community through spaying and neutering services. Through your volunteer project, you’ll help with:... Read more!
Animal Sanctuary Rainforest Ecuador

Country: Ecuador · Timeline: 1 weeks or longer · Cost: From $204

You want to take part of our special Animal Rescue project in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest ? The Zanja Arajuno Center will receive you in their center and you will help them in their projects and will also work with the local communities.... Read more!
Volunteer work Environmental Assist With Environmental Conservation Project

Country: Ghana · Timeline: 2 weeks - 52 weeks · Cost: From $506

Volunteers play a very important role in assisting environmental conservation organizations to attain their ambitions. Environmental Conservation organizations protect and enhance parks and other natural areas through a range of activities. By... Read more!
Volunteers working with elephants. Physical accommodationsAccommodations for deaf, hard of hearingAccommodations for blind, low visionBig Five work and Wild life

Country: Kenya · Timeline: 4 weeks or longer · Cost: From $3,002

  This project is based on a Big 5 game reserve in a beautiful part of Kenya. As a wildlife conservation volunteer you’ll assist wildlife foundations and research trusts in conserving and protecting the Big 5 (lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant,... Read more!
Cat Behavior Specialist Cat Behavior Specialist

Country: Belize · Timeline: 2 weeks or longer · Cost: From $370

Volunteer as a Cat Behavior Specialist in Caye Caulker, Belize! Our partner in Belize, P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary and Humane Society, invites you to spend time socializing with the sanctuary’s domestic cats, which are in need of care and support in... Read more!
Cat Care Cat Care

Country: Belize · Timeline: 2 weeks or longer · Cost: From $370

Volunteer for cat care in Caye Caulker, Belize! Through this project, you'll care for housecats that have been mistreated or that were taken from the dangers of living on the streets, and given a new home at the sanctuary. Daily tasks include:... Read more!
Cat Sanctuary Director (Interim) Cat Sanctuary Director (Interim)

Country: Belize · Timeline: 4 weeks or longer · Cost: From $616

Volunteer as an interim cat sanctuary director in Belize! Through this program, you’ll act as the substitute director for the P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary while the current director is on leave. This program lasts at least one month and includes:... Read more!
Community Development Assistance Community Development Assistance

Country: Costa Rica · Timeline: 1 week or longer · Cost: From $358

Volunteer for community school assistance in Jacó, Costa Rica! Volunteer activities with this program range from: Visiting local schools to conduct art or science activities Assisting with the mobile library project to provide library services... Read more!
Dolphin sightings Dolphin & Whale Research and Coastal Conservation

Country: South Africa · Timeline: 2 weeks - 12 weeks · Cost: From $1,588

By joining this Initiative you will have the unique experience of working alongside an Eco-tourism company in their efforts to research and conserve dolphin and whale populations.  You will also have the chance to educate local children about... Read more!


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