Special Needs

Volunteer Global - Special Needs

Education specialists, professional counselors, psychotherapists, and general volunteers are needed to assist with a special needs school, provide career support and counseling for disabled individuals, and more with our special needs projects.

Physical accommodationsAccommodations for blind, low visionAssist in a local children center/Orphanage

Country: Kenya · Timeline: 4 weeks or longer · Cost: From $370

Volunteers are placed at orphanages and care centres where they are positioned to various types of duties on rotational source. They will spend part of their time to provide friendship to both orphans and children in the generously proportioned... Read more!
Special Needs Education Special Needs Education

Country: Nicaragua · Timeline: 1 week or longer · Cost: From $296

This program invites you to help Casa-Nica and their community partner, the Melania Lacayo School of Special Education, with their work within Masaya. This is the only school in the city that provides special needs education for children with... Read more!

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