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Empowering travellers worldwide to create a sustainable future for the Amazon.

Crees is a non-profit organization that runs important conservation and sustainable community development initiatives in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Our aim is to create a sustainable future for the Amazon rainforest through conservation research and community education.

Are you looking to start a career in conservation research? Do you want to get involved with local community projects? Are you passionate about sustainability and helping to protect the rainforest?  Do you want to lead your own project?

Become the next crees intern!

crees is excited to offer a 6-month internship programme designed to help recent graduates, gap year students, and career breakers develop specific career skills in conservation research, community development, and non-profit project management, all while supporting the crees foundation’s projects in the heart of the Amazon!

You will start your placement with 10 weeks as a rainforest volunteer, providing you with extensive training and valuable field experience in conservation and community development, before embarking on a 12 week work placement in your chosen area; managing your own projects and developing hands on leadership skills.


Are you looking for a meaningful and responsible volunteering experience?

Become a crees volunteer!

Whether you have a couple of weeks or a couple of months to spare, crees has the right volunteer experience for you.  You can choose to volunteer from 2 to 12 weeks. You will get the chance to actively participate in important conservation and sustainable community projects including biogardening, agroforestry, pitfalls, mistnetting, camera trapping, butterfly trapping and blue headed macaw monitoring.

If you are staying for 4 weeks or longer you will get the chance to go on an action packed 4day expedition which may include trekking to hot springs, river rafting and visiting local indigenous communities.


We firmly believe that everyone, provided with the right tools, is capable of making a positive impact. Our programme gives you real skills and an understanding of conservation and community issues whilst providing an unforgettable experience. Most importantly, you leave behind a real positive impact on the lives of others.

Our volunteer and Internship programmes are based at our research centre - the Manu learning Centre - in the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Our research centre is located in the foothills of the Andes, in South East Peru and is located within one the most biodiverse areas of the world. 

The Manu Learning Centre provides comfortable, airy accommodation. Each accommodation pod has two beds within it, and all volunteers and interns receive their own bedding and linens (including mosquito nets), which are changed once a week. The centre boasts a solar powered internet connection (which is sporadic), environmentally sound septic system and gravity fed water pumps in order to keep within the station's aims to minimise its impact on the environment and reduce its carbon footprint.



You can volunteer for 2 to 12 weeks or become an Intern for six months.

Volunteer Start dates

16 June 2014

14 July 2014

11 Aug 2014

8 Sept 2014

 6 Oct 2014

3 Nov 2014

 1 Dec 2014

 12 Jan 2015

  9 Feb 2015

  9 Mar 2015

  6 Apr 2015

  4 May 2015

  1 Jun 2015

  29 Jun 2015

  27 Jul 2015 

  24 Aug 2015

  21 Sep 2015



Internship dates:

14 Jul 2014 – 2 Jan 2015

9 Mar 2015 - 28 Aug 2015

4 May 2015 - 23 Oct 2015

29 Jun 2015 - 18 Dec 2015

24 Aug 2015 - 12 Feb 2016

19 Oct 2015 - 8 Apr 2016

Program Requirements

  • 18 and older
  • Good health
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